Hi There!, I'm David...

I'm on a mission to build micro-saas products in public.

I'm a software developer, digital marketer and fitness enthusiast who loves to build products that help businesses and people grow. Currently, I'm on a mission to build micro-saas products in public and grow them from $0 to $1K MRR.


Things to know

About Me

My software development journey started way back in 2010 when I had the motivation to replicate an online free browsing code website. Turns out hacking together a custom replica site taught me a lot about HTML & CSS!

Fast-forward to today, and I've had the privilege of working with an NGO, a start-up, a medium-sized corporation, and a blockchain dev team. My main focus these days is building innovative, cost-effective products that give people the power to use technology & innovation to achieve more in their lives, businesses, and communities.

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SaaS Projects I am

Building in Public


Capture, engage, and analyze customer feedback in minutes.

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Create AI chatbots from your data sources in minutes.

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Some of My

Open Source Projects

Laravel Meta Manager

Improve SEO of a website or specific page by adding recommended meta tags to your application.

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Ethereum Wallet API

Create and manage an ethereum wallets using web3.

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PHP Sentiment Analyzer

Understand sentiments in a sentence using VADER.

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Laravel Medium Articles

Laravel Medium Articles is a laravel package that allows you to easily embed Medium.com articles on your site.

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Stake Pool Contract

A highly customizable stake pool smart contract for easy use across EVM chains

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A two-way encryption manager using the OpenSSL library

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Google Recaptcha

A PHP package which supports both back-end and front-end of Google recaptcha v2.

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Coin Payments

A PHP wrapper for CoinPayments.net Api.

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Lumen API Doc Generator

Automatically generate your API documentation using Dingo router in your Lumen app.

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LogSnag PHP

An un-offical API wrapper for logsnag.com to get notifications and track your project events.

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Stability Ts

A TypeScript client for the Stability AI SDK.

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How I do it


Problem Definition
Requirements Gathering

What’s Next?

Let's grow together 🚀

I will share everything I learn along the way here and hope it helps someone on the same journey as me. If you’d like to follow my progress, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.